Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Taiwanese TV

Just to see if this will work, I'm posting a link to an intriguing Taiwanese romantic comedy series, Fated to Love You.


Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

my dutch is bad (okay, non-existent) so i'm hoping this gets to you. you asked for comments on the taiwanese romantic comedy.

i would put it in the prolife category. I view the beginning -his inner conflict over what to do, his decision and definition of what being a man is, his banging down the door and getting her out of there, his decision to care about the girl and her feelings and the baby she is carrying regardless of the fact that she is not his girlfriend and the situation is not how he wanted it, the girl's tears and distress over getting an abortion, the couple in the hallway's whole conversation, etc. as great things to bring up and I would view that as very prolife. and from then on, i think it's hilarious. it seems a kind of spoof on the parents -especially how they (did i mention the grandmother is HILARIOUS?) are concerned with money and the baby and the family lineage. I'm passing it around to other "prolifers" I know.

I saw your blog because you mentioned this on fr. dwight longnecker's blog and I followed the link.

thanks for sharing it!

Paul said...

Thanks. I think I'd agree with everything you say, but even with all that in mind I'm not sure it's a suitable subject for comedy. I don't know. And thanks for commenting :)

Sharon said...

Just wanted to belatedly agree with you on it not being a good subject for comedy.

To me, I'm very liberal and generous when it comes to "secular" media addressing the topic of abortion in a negative light. It's just that so often there is no mention of any prolife situation whatsoever, so when something like this comes up, where the situation could cause people to think abortion is not the best option, I like to praise it despite any shortcomings.

I felt there was a suitable gap between the beginning -which was serious and I felt I would have liked to cut out and just show that part-and the subsequent family mayhem and "comedy".

I passed it along to some other US prolife leaders and got no comment or a minor disinterest or dislike of it. I thought it was fascinating!!

Especially that Thailand and many other East Asian nations have incredibly high rates of abortion, here is a small tool to show abortion in a negative light from a non-religious viewpoint. Like that rap video by Nick Cannon. "Can I Live?" I'll find a link in case you haven't seen it

Paul said...

Thanks for the link, Sharon. That must be the most affecting rap I've ever heard (but it must be said - I've heard as little as I can help!)

Sharon said...

Nick Cannon is a regular, secular, popular rap artist in the US. He has said it is just his personal story- His mom really went into an abortion clinic and was going to abort him, but just couldn't do it and left. It's not a religious or political statement and he's not a "prolifer." Stuff like that always fascinates me.

oh, if you like that one, I'll give you one more. Maybe I can turn you into a rap fan!!! HA!!

It's called, "Happy Birthday" and it's about a father who regrets chosing abortion. These are mainstream music videos put out by a mainstream rapper. This is by some other guy, not Nick Cannon. (I don't know rap well either.)


Paul said...

Facebook has just introduced me to the "Clinch Mountain Boys" - I'll be having an American music overload if I'm not careful!