Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter break

Having laid off bogging during Lent I will, perforce, be even quieter during the first weeks of the Easter season. This morning a simple piece of everyday clumsiness (involving Easter eggs, a running child, outstretched arms and a doorframe) somehow managed to split the first phalange of my little finger as close to lengthways as possible. Back from having pins put in it, my right hand (and I'm right-handed) is all in plaster but the thumb. So typing is on a need-to-type basis for the immediate future.

Signing off with a prayer that any readers out there have a blessed Easter.

Unable to resist updating to add: it was local anaesthetic, so I could hum "Praise My Soul the King of Heaven" during the procedure, while the orthopedic surgeon (as bluff and hearty as all orthopedic surgeons seem to be) was humming "Yellow Submarine".


Janet said...

Oh, so sorry. But I know you can type with only your left hand because I had to do it for 3 months.

AMDG, Janet

Paul said...

How does it follow from you being able to do something that I can? It's an admirably modest and humble attitude, to think that if you can do it anyone else can, but it doesn't seem logically compelling or conclusive.

puellapaschalis said...

That looks painful, but beating out a tune whilst having it done up seems a good thing (or at least testifies to the quality of your local) (your local anaesthetic, that is).

Get well soon! And eat lots of Easter goodies :)

Paul said...

Yes, the anaesthetist (hauled in specially on Easter Sunday) did a very good job. There was me all set to offer up the pain for a particular intention (one I'd welcome any prayers for, but I can't say what it is), and the worst there was was the needle going in.