Thursday, May 7, 2009

Displacement activity

Well, the sound of stone being worked with a circular saw is keeping me from focusing on the work I should be doing, so a quick update on the blog might at least be something.

Tuesday I taught about Northern Ireland in the course on "the English-speaking peoples of Europe"; the Tuesday before about the Republic; the Tuesday before that I cancelled the class because of my hand being in plaster - how can I possibly teach if I can't even shave?

Two of my students have asked me whether they can reschedule my exam rather than have to sit two exams on one day. It's a question that would never even have crossed my mind as a student. But it was rather touching when one of them whined "But the other exam is really important!" Such charmingly comical unfamiliarity with even the most basic principles of wheedling!


Janet said...

I'm afraid that this reminds me a bit of my friend Linda, who, when she was about 17, went out on a date with a young man who told her, "If you'll do it this one time, I promise I'll never ask you again.

Paul said...

In that he too showed a comical ignorance of the art of wheedling? Ah, the innocence of youth! (even when mixed with the not-so-innocent)