Monday, July 27, 2009

A flaw in the system

It's surprising to see that it's been two whole months since I last posted here - I knew I hadn't been giving the blog much attention, but I hadn't realised it had been so very long.

Part of the rationale behind this blog was that it might be a way of building some sort of reflection into the day - what had been done, said, thought, or left undone - and then publicly recording any of that that might conceivably be of interest to others (and while I might be a poor judge of the latter, dear read, nobody is forced to read this stuff!). But one of the first casualties of things left undone has been regular daily reflection. Ho hum.

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barblaster said...

I am happy to see you're back blogging again. I have been checking in regularly about once a week to see if anything new had come in. I don't know whether I'm a good judge of what is interesting either, but I like reading your blog.