Friday, October 3, 2008

Nephews and nieces

Just now we're busy getting ready to go to a christening in Wilhelmshaven. The christening is tomorrow, but it's a six-hour drive, so we're spending two nights there. Matters are complicated by dental appointments corresponding with the time that the schools close for the weekend, and the time we should be hitting the road to miss the traffic - so we'll have to be in three places at once (as there are only two of us, this will have to involve bilocation, or really, really good timing).

I'm looking forward to seeing family at the christening. Last Sunday one of my brothers had Mass said for our late mother, at the Abbey of Park, and provided lunch afterwards. Not all of us could make it, but it was a joy to see those that could, and to spend a bit of time with nephews and nieces. As so often, the afternoon made me reflect that we ought to make more of an effort to create such occasions to see one another.

All being well, there'll be another christening to go to next year.


Mac McLernon said...

My mother is from Wilhelmshaven!!! What a very small world this is!

Paul said...

Isn't it just!